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About Sweet Thangs

“Modern Style, Old-Fashioned Taste”

Sweet Thangs is a custom sweets business. Lo’ Michelle takes pride in the preparation of her scratched-based creations. She cuts no corners, and puts emphasis on quality ingredients, taste, and design. Sweet Thangs by Lo’ Michelle promises to deliver.

Sweet Thangs by Lo’ Michelle
Sweet Thangs by Lo'

Southern Belle Lo’ Michelle; born Lauren Rodgers, was raised in Dallas, Tx. Lo’ Michelle always had a love for cooking; especially Southern Cuisine. Many nights as a child, she would sneak and experiment in the kitchen while her parents were asleep. One of her fondest childhood memories include watching her Granny Gladys in the kitchen, and learning the basics of traditional no-recipe needed southern cooking. ​​




-Felicia C.

I had the opportunity to do business with Lauren for a baby shower last year. The cake was just as expected and tasted delicious. Lauren offers wonderful suggestions and also great customer service in order to provide her clients with the best Sweet Thangs experience possible. I definitely recommend her services as you will be in for a real treat, both beautiful and delicious!

-Patrice P.


I really wanted some red velvet cupcakes but was too lazy to make them; a friend told me about Sweet Thangs by Lo' Michelle and I was very skeptical because everyone can't get the correct balance of ingredients on a constant basis. This was not the case with Sweet Thangs! Those cupcakes were sheer perfection! I was "fat girl" happy and I won't get my red velvet from anywhere else! Try them for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

Chrisette Michele, Singer

“The Yummiest Red Velvet cupcakes in Dallas from Sweet Thangs by Lo!”​

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